My Very First Blog Post Ever

Originally published on my long dead Xanga page.

There’s something very intimidating about making this first post. It seems like the very first one should be something incredibly profound that explains why I’ve decided to share my thoughts with the world. Either that, or this post should summarize who I am, what I believe, my goals in life, and my political affiliation. I’ve decided to resist the temptation to make a mega-post and simply get down to business.

I’m currently eating a very nutritious canned pasta and Cheetoes lunch in the employee breakroom at LifeWay Christian Store, my current place of imprisionment, I mean, employment. Really, I love this job except for when I’m here or thinking about being here. Speaking of work, I don’t plan to use this weblog primarily as a sounding board to decry all the faults of LifeWay, but from time to time, I will rant for a while about some aspect of this company that really bothers me. There are plenty of them, so I should have a ready supply of topics to write about for a while. I may even post the letter of complaint that I’m in the process of writing to corporate headquarters once I finish it. Since I’m still employed by LifeWay, I’m going to hold off on sending that. It’s definitely not the type of letter I want them reading while they still are signing my paychecks. More on that later…

On the upside, my wife Alanna and I just returned to Knoxville after a long weekend together in the Smoky Mountains. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night were spent in a little log cabin just outside of Pigeon Forge. I actually had the time to read an entire book while we were there (Three by Ted Deker, I’ll comment on it later too.) We didn’t even leave the cabin all day Sunday. It was wonderful. We sat around reading, played pool, watched a few movies, lounged in a hot tub and a huge Jacuzzi, and slept. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to be utterly non-productive and be completely unconcerned with what my schedule was for the day. That may have been why it was so hard for me to get up this morning. Plus, it was nice to get a little time with Alanna. We do a good job of making time for each other in the midst of our super-hectic schedules, but it’s still not nearly as much as we would like. This weekend was a nice refresher for us personally and as a couple.

Right now Alanna is on her way back from Louisville, KY where she just picked up a seven-week-old pug puppy that I named Oscar. Tonight should be fun J.

It’s so nice to be writing again, even if I’m not being published in a newspaper anywhere. I miss the newspaper terribly, but there are some advantages to doing this blog instead. In the newspaper, I had to have organized thoughts and worry about how things were going to come across. When you have an editor, you have to be concerned about not offending or criticizing the wrong person. Here, I can say anything I want. For example, most Christians are ignorant about the most fundamental truths of life and in many cases the church is one of the main causes of this ignorance. See? I wouldn’t say that in print. More on that comment later too… I’m leaving a lot of loose ends today, aren’t I?

Three by Ted Deker. This was an awesome book. I can’t say too much about it without giving something away, but it deals with the true nature of man and the war between good and evil. Is that vague enough? It’s the type of book that will keep you on the edge of your seat with the action, but unlike most action-packed novels you will keep mulling over the ideas presented in the book for days.

Well, my lunch break at LifeWay is wrapping up. More to come…

(By the way, now that this log has actually been posted, I’ve editted and re-editted the stupid thing about ten times. So much for not being worried about how profound this sounds.)