A Few Thoughts on Postmodernism

One of the buzzwords in evangelical circles today is “postmodernism.” Should the church be postmodern? How do we deal with postmodernity. The problem we run into when we start talking about terms like “postmodern” is that there’s no general consensus about what the term really means. So when people ask, “Should the church be postmodern?” I think our first response should be to ask “In what way?”

Should the church embrace relativism? No, absolutely not. But not all postmoderns do this either. Often this can mean simply bringing the message to people where they’re at and speaking to their experience. For example, first presenting God as “Father” to someone who longs to have a relationship with their own father. Does this approach deny absolutes? No, but it doesn’t ignore the fact that experience does affect our perception.

There’s no denying that there is a danger in taking this too far. We absolutely have to make sure our doctrine is sound. At the same time though, the church can’t just cover its ears or dig in its heels over methods if those methods aren’t reaching people. Post moderns favor discussion over being taught. The popularity of the blogosphere and message boards speaks to the desire for that approach. (Assuming, of course, that those who are discussing are doing so respectfully with a longing to learn.) Post moderns make a big deal out of community and creative approaches to worship. I think these are also good things.

The church needs to make sure not to tie itself to any philosophical system whether it’s post modernity or modernity. Modernity has plenty of problems too, including the idea that everything can be categorized, codified, and understood in its entirety. This is a pretty arrogant concept. For all its faults, post modernity does admit that there are a lot of things that we don’t know and that is okay.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the issue. (This is kind of long though. Maybe it was five cents worth.) We shouldn’t be gung ho postmodern, but at the same time, we need to stop being so gung ho about modern approaches. Let’s be clear on the essentials of doctrine, but let go of methods that aren’t speaking to those who need to hear.

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