Scary Art?

Originally posted on my MySpace blog.

I’ve always loved horror entertainment. This is a big thing for me to admit because horror fans are always treated like we should be a little ashamed of liking to be scared, like we’re somehow a little sick for reading books and watching movies about ghosts, the living dead, psychosis, vampires, werewolves, and the boogeyman. I’m coming out of the creaking closet and taking a stand for scary books, movies, and old time radio shows (yes, even those).

Can something be horrifying and also be art? I just watched a haunting movie from Korea called A Tale of Two Sisters. This movie definitely had some scary moments. Even more, this movie was beautiful and touching in a profound way. I was moved by the sadness in this film more than I was scared. Horror can be art. I could go into a big discussion about catharsis and confronting fears, but I’d rather not.

But you know what? Horror doesn’t have to be art. It can be cheap and exploitive… and I’ll still enjoy it. I’m just thinking with my keyboard, not attempting to justify my interest. Maybe I’ll take this issue up again some other time when I’m a little less tired and a lot more articulate.