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I am writer.

At least I used to be a writer until I stopped actively writing on a regular basis. I still have ideas banging around in my head that make me say, “I need to write something about that,” but for the most part I haven’t ever gotten around to any actual writing. I’ve decided that part of the problem (or one of my excuses) is that I haven’t had a real place to do any writing. I’m not a journal writer, writing down my private thoughts for my eyes only. I’ve tried two or three times, but I’ve always gotten bored listening to myself. What I need is other people to listen to me! Hopefully with less boredom.

When I was in high school I wrote a column for my hometown newspaper and I learned the pleasure of writing with an audience. Each week I wrote whatever I felt like writing and people all over the city of Sparta read my column. For a seventeen-year-old with a lot on his mind, it was perfect. Part of it was the fact that people told me they enjoyed my columns (and I am a bit needy, so that was nice) but the thing that I enjoyed most was knowing that my words were going out and people were actually reading them. Unfortunately, I don’t have a newspaper editor asking me to do any writing for them. Fortunately, in the digital age, anyone with a laptop can put their thoughts online for the world to see.

That’s why I’m bringing this blog back from the dead. A few years back, I blogged pretty regularly, but as a young seminary student I felt like all of my posts had to be injected with some kind of deep significance. I debated theology, defended doctrine, and attempted to make myself seem smart and serious. I am neither. I’m more goofy than deep. From here on out, this blog is simply an outlet for a writer who wants to write again. I hope to have some readers who will occasionally be entertained or at least interested in what I have to say, but for now, I’m just happy to have all this blank digital space waiting to be filled up with words.*

Maybe I’ll be a writer again soon.

*Yeah, that is completely true, but I also really want to have some readers. Remember me saying I was needy? I don’t mind begging a little bit if it gets me a few comments!

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