Back to the 80s with Midnight Movies

After a break that has lasted more than three years, I have returned to my blog. Three years without a single post. I’m a really good blogger. 


I’m back on this blog because I’m working on an idea here. I’m going to start a project to help me meet a few of my goals. Here are some things I’d like to start doing more often:

  1. Sleeping an amount that leaves me feeling like a functional human being when I wake up.
  2. Watching more movies instead of getting lost in the Internet for multiple hours every evening.
  3. Writing (and actually having something to write about.)

I think I’ve found a way to do  all these things at once. I’m going to watch a bunch of movies from the 80’s and blog about them. You were expecting something profound? Anyway, every night in March after my wife and kids are snoozing peacefully in their beds, I’m going to fire up a movie that was released sometime during my formative years and then I’ll try to work up some kind blog about it the next day. Pretty simple. Here are the requirements for the movies I’ll be watching this month:

  1. It was released sometime between Jan 1, 1980 and Dec 31, 1989.

That’s all. Other than that, anything goes and I’d love to hear your suggestions for some movies in the comments below. I’ve got weird taste in movies so I’m down for whatever you can throw at me. Why limit myself to the 80s?  There were a lot of great movies released in this decade that I love and I’ve missed a bunch of others that I should have seen by now. Plus, nostalgia! Also, 80s hair.

If I feel ambitious at some point, I might try to theme each day of the week somehow (Comedy Mondays, Slasher Tuesdays, etc.) but for now I’m keeping it open. I’m calling this little experiment Midnight Movies, because I’m pretty sure midnight will happen sometime in the middle of most of these. I’ll be using that title in every one of these posts, so if you have a better name for this, let me know.

To keep me on track I’ll post my weekly schedule in advance. If you want to watch along with me, that would be great!

Disclaimer: I live in a house full of little kids a.k.a. “germ magnets,” so if I have to miss a night because I’m sitting up with one of the little ones or just too exhausted for a movie, I’ll just push everything off for a day and pick it the next night. I’m only human.

Here’s Week One, starting tonight on Saturday March 1:

  • Saturday – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)
  • Sunday – Stripes (1981)
  • Monday – Ghostbusters II (1989)
  • Tuesday – Predator (1987)
  • Wednesday – Night of the Comet (1984)
  • Thursday – Dragnet (1987)
  • Friday – April Fools Day (1986)

That should get me off to a pretty good start. What do you think about my list? What should I watch next week? Is Midnight Movies a stupid name for this? Let me know your thoughts!

Here’s one of the most 80s things ever to get you in the right frame of mind:

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