Midnight Movies: Ghostbusters II


I was excited about this rewatching this Midnight Movie because I love pretty much everything about the Ghostbusters. Before I go any farther into this post though, I have a confession to make, one that could possibly get me shunned by the internet forever… I think Ghostbusters II is more fun than the original. Not funnier, but more fun. It’s bigger, the special effects are better, and there are way more ghosts. I realistically know that the first Ghostbusters is a better movie, but I just cant help myself. When I see the Statue of Liberty walking through the streets of New York to the tune of “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson, I get goosebumps.


This movie came out on video at the perfect time for me. I was nine and I already crazy about the Ghostbusters thanks mostly to the Saturday morning cartoon. I had a bunch of the toys and I’ve still got my Ghostbusters II Flip ‘n’ Fun Jokes, Riddles, and Coloring Book. (Sample joke: “What do ghosts chew?” “Booble gum.”) I drank Ecto Coolers and wanted to be Egon Spengler (and I still kind of do). So obviously my opinion of the movie is more than a little colored by my nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great movie on it’s own merits. 

Apparently, a lot of people think this is just a mediocre rehash of the first movie (6.4 rating on IMDb?!?) but Ghostbusters II is one of my favorite movies. Jump down to the Highlights section to see how many awesome moments are in this movie. I watched this one with my kids (along with the first one) and we all loved it. 


One sentence plot summary:

After losing everything following the events of the first film, our heroes must once again rise up to save the city from supernatural evil, this time in the form of a river of slime fueled by negative energy and Vigo the Carpathian, an ancient 16th Century medieval tyrant and sorcerer,  and they do this by hosing down the inside of the Statue of Liberty with positively charged slime and having her walk through the streets to the tune of Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher.”

It is worth watching?

Yes! If you’re one of the people who has never given this sequel a chance, ignore the haters and watch this.  Some people just don’t like awesome things.


  • Janosz , everything thing that little weirdo does is gold


  • The Pepto-Bismol colored river of slime
  • The whole courtroom scene and the Scolari brothers


  • Toasters and slime love Jackie Wilson
  • Attack of the baby-eating bathtub
  • Winston vs. the ghost train
  • Three slime-covered men in their long johns invading a fancy restaurant
  • That Bobby Brown song
  • The Titanic’s arrival in the harbor


  • Slimer’s cameo as the bus driver
  • The Statue of Liberty walking through the streets of New York (sure it’s not to scale but it’s awesome)

Favorite lines:

  • “Everything you are doing is bad. I want you to know this.”
  • “Do…” “Re…” “Egon!”
  • “Two in the box! Ready to go! We be fast! And they be slow!”


  • “Suck in the guts, guys, we’re the Ghostbusters.”
  • “Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker’s God-given right.”
  • “Why am I drippings with goo?”

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Yes, that's a full Ghostbusters uniform.

Yes, that’s me in a full Ghostbusters uniform.

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