My New WordPress Home

Well, after months (maybe years) of debating, I finally did it. I have officially moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

From what I hear, a lot of bloggers out there really don’t like Blogger, but I always liked my site there. It was nice looking and easy to use, but there’s just so much more I can do with this site. From the better, shorter URL to the tons of customization options, there are a lot of advantages to this site.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, I’m doing some freelance graphic design work (check out my site at and one of the ways that I’ll be designing websites is through the Headway Theme for WordPress. Headway is a framework for setting up and laying out sites that will allow me to really cut costs for web design, especially for small businesses. You might be wondering how a blog site can be used to make real non-blog sites, but if you browse the showcase at Headway’s site, you’ll see that you can do a ton of different things with the framework, with or without a blog. This site is a Headway site, and the more I play with the framework, the more excited I am about the possibilities!

So there you have it… new blog, new site, new job, new directions. Life has been pretty interesting lately, but man I’m loving the possibilities out there.

Customize Your Desktop with Rainmeter

I just finished completely redoing my and Alanna’s desktops using Rainmeter and a skin called Omnimo UI. If you’ve never used Rainmeter, it’s very easy to install and set up (step-by-step instructions are on the Omnimo link) and makes your desktop endlessly customizable. There are tons of skins out there providing tons of functionality. Give it a try sometime!

Click here to view on my deviantART page.

I’ve made a few changes to my desktop since putting it on my dA, so I wanted to add a screenshot of that one too…

After putting Alanna’s together, I was a little disappointed because I liked hers better. (So did most of the deviantART community apparently.) But now that I’ve updated, I’m pretty happy with mine as well.

Trick Out Your Internet Experience

Have you switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox yet? If not, why not? Firefox is faster, more secure, and, through add-ons, completely customizable. These extensions can change the look of the browser, increase performance, and just do some cool tricks. I switched a while back, and I just keep finding more and more to like about it. I’ve spent the last few days tweaking my toolbar to make it streamlined for my daily use.

I’ve got a few basic navigational buttons, my address bar, Google search, a few favorite bookmark icons, and a drop down menu containing all the elements of the “Menus Toolbar.” This was done through a variety of add-ons. Here are a few of my favorites

  • Adblock Plus – Absolutely essential! Adblock makes browsing the Internet an almost ad free experience. More than a pop-up blocker, Adblock gets rid of pretty much all the junk that clutters up most webpages. After getting used to AdBlock Plus, you forget what the internet truly looks like until you turn this extension off.
  • Boost for Facebook – If you’re a Facebook junkie like me, you’re going to want this one. It automatically logs you in, allows you to poke with just one click (no annoying confirmation pop-up), and when you point your mouse at a picture, it shows you a full size preview without having to click. You can even adjust the look of the pages if you feel the need.
  • Fasterfox Lite – Firefox is already a fast browser, but Fasterfox speeds up your browsing even more. I prefer the Lite version because it doesn’t have the bandwidth eating prefetching feature.
  • Personal Menu – This extension moves the big “Menus Toolbar” to a small button. Great for saving space on the toolbar!
  • Tab Mix Plus – Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities. You are able to undo closed tabs and windows, duplicate tabs, monitor activity in loading tabs,
  • Webmail Notifier – Does exactly what you would expect. I use Gmail as my primary email client, and this handy litttle extention puts an icon in the right-hand corner of the status bar that lets me know whenever I have a new message.

So, are you a Firefox convert yet? I resisted for a long time, but after making the switch, I can’t imagine surfing any other way. Download it here. If you’re already using Firefox, what are your favorite add-ons?

My Awesome Nerdy Wallpaper

I found an awesome steampunk steam ship vs. cyber-octopus picture (courtesy of i09) and I loved it so much that I had to make it my desktop. The artist, Alex Broeckel, does some amazing digital art, and you should definitely check out his gallery.

While I was checking out the cool digital paintings, I found this one and made it my boot screen. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the artist’s page, so I have no idea who did this one. Edit: I found my original link! The artist’s name is Robert Oleotto.

Oh yeah, and this site isn’t dead after two years of neglect. I need an outlet to do some non-church related writing, so I’m back again!