Customize Your Desktop with Rainmeter

I just finished completely redoing my and Alanna’s desktops using Rainmeter and a skin called Omnimo UI. If you’ve never used Rainmeter, it’s very easy to install and set up (step-by-step instructions are on the Omnimo link) and makes your desktop endlessly customizable. There are tons of skins out there providing tons of functionality. Give it a try sometime!

Click here to view on my deviantART page.

I’ve made a few changes to my desktop since putting it on my dA, so I wanted to add a screenshot of that one too…

After putting Alanna’s together, I was a little disappointed because I liked hers better. (So did most of the deviantART community apparently.) But now that I’ve updated, I’m pretty happy with mine as well.

My Awesome Nerdy Wallpaper

I found an awesome steampunk steam ship vs. cyber-octopus picture (courtesy of i09) and I loved it so much that I had to make it my desktop. The artist, Alex Broeckel, does some amazing digital art, and you should definitely check out his gallery.

While I was checking out the cool digital paintings, I found this one and made it my boot screen. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the artist’s page, so I have no idea who did this one. Edit: I found my original link! The artist’s name is Robert Oleotto.

Oh yeah, and this site isn’t dead after two years of neglect. I need an outlet to do some non-church related writing, so I’m back again!