Adventures in Pre-Fatherhood, Part IV

Video Debut, or “The very first embarrassing naked pictures go online!”

I’m back with some real content, not just goofy videos. I know it’s been a while since my last pre-fatherhood post, but other than a lot of nausea, not a lot happens during the first few months of pregnancy. I could have written endless posts about vomitting, but that just wouldn’t be much fun for anybody.

For a non-medically-up-to-date guy like me, new medical equipment seems like something out of Star Trek. Alanna went in for her halfway point ultrasound yesterday morning and we were able to leave with a DVD of the experience. There’s even some 3D pictures and heartbeat sounds! Thanks to a little computer trickiness, I’ve ripped the video and put it online for the world to see. Can a child be embarrassed by their parents prenatally? If so, it’s good practice for later on in life because this baby’s dad is pretty weird.

Oh, one important little detail was revealed during this appointment… We’ve got a boy on the way! Pretty exciting! Of course, the first thing mom-to-be wanted do was go shopping for some new blue accessories. We decided to skip all the little outfits with sports equipment on them because if he inherits his parents’ athletic ability, giving him a shirt with a football on it is just setting the poor little guy up for disappointment.

Here he is in all his tiny glory! You might notice that he never stays still for even a few seconds. Well, his mom had just finished a healthy breakfast of Corn Pops and chocolate milk, so baby’s on a sugar high. He does kick a lot though, even without stimulants. I think he’s going to be a ninja.

Adventures in Pre-Fatherhood, Part III

First Pictures, or, “I think that’s the baby… maybe”

Alanna and I were introduced to our baby for the first time today. He/she/it is not very active at the moment, but does have a good strong heartbeat (which we actually got to hear). I guess it’s hard to do a whole lot when you’re only the size of a coffee bean… once it gets bigger than that though, I’m going to have to put it to work.

We brought home some pictures to share. I think the baby looks like me.