Change on the Horizon?

Originally published on my long dead Xanga page.

(I intended to make this post last night, seeing as I wrote it yesterday, but sometimes you just don’t get the kind of copy and paste time that you need. C’est la vie.)

I’m back in the employee break room for another bowl of Bi-Lo chunky soup eaten out of a fine china bowl. Doesn’t that sound like the beginning of some very sad novel? It’s the type of story beginning that involves a very depressed man beaten down by society doing… something. No one ever said I had the thing written. I just like the line.

Actually today is not one that would fit into that particular novel, unless it was to add some kind of cruel irony to the story. It looks like freedom from LifeWay may be closer than I had originally hoped. (Today I was told that I needed to be careful because the khaki pants I wore yesterday weren’t khaki enough. Those dark pants won’t cut it at LifeWay.) The children’s minister at my church just resigned. I know that normally doesn’t sound like good news, but when you’re the underpaid youth minister; it has a glimmer of hope to it. You see, once I heard that the position was open, I spoke to the pastor about the idea of combining that position with my current one, making me the youth and children’s minister. He spoke to the personnel team and apparently some kind of meeting has been held to discuss this possibility. Last night at church I was asked how the meeting went so someone could see if I was “it” yet. I didn’t even know there was a meeting. Another person asked if I was leading the Wednesday night children’s program now. On top of this hearsay, the personnel director asked for an updated resume. Sounds promising to me. Hopefully, last night was the herald of some new chapter in a much less ironic story than the soup-and-china one.

Our new little puppy has been providing Alanna and me endless entertainment. He’s tiny enough to fit in one hand, and he loves to bite and gnaw on anything you put in front of him. I was awakened this morning by the little guy chewing on the hair on the back of my head. Just gentle little tugs; he’s not big enough to do any real damage. Brownie, our other dog, thinks he’s a new chew toy that just happens to be made out of flesh instead of cotton. She bats him around and attempts to fit his entire head into her mouth. He responds by trying to nurse on her – I don’t think I’ve ever seen her jump so high. Oh, and he squeaks. Too small to have a real bark of any kind, he just squeaks. Eventually we’ll be able to get some sleep around the house again. 🙂

After work I plan to stop by Blockbuster on the way home to rent a Looney Tunes 2-DVD set. Maybe I won’t be sleeping tonight after all.