Ready For Some Raw Rock

Tomorrow night, Alanna and I heading to Rocketown in Nashville to destroy our eardrums at a concert featuring Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Showbread, and a couple more hard hitting rock bands. I’m pumped! Plus, this is going to be Taylor’s first concert! (Don’t worry, we have solid ear protection for him. Ben’s first concert was a Family Force 5/tobyMac show from the third row when he was just a few months old too.) Usually I’m down in the mosh pit with all the rowdy teenagers, but with the baby there, I think for this show I’ll get up in the balcony and watch. This seems like the type of music that could inspire a little aggressive behavior.

I realize that most of my blog readers (i.e., parents) probably have never heard of these bands, so I’m gonna post a couple of videos below. You won’t be able to see them through the email updates, so make sure and go to the blog to check them out. Showbread and Maylene are definitely Christian bands, but they know how to rock as hard as any other band out there.

First up, here’s a little Maylene and the Sons of Disaster for you. Heavy Southern metal with a little screaming thrown in for good measure. In the midst of the screams, you get lyrics about having faith in the midst of trials, “Thank God grace has come my way. Tomorrow hope awaits living closer to the end.,” and having bold faith, “I’ll never stop believing, but today I’ll stop the pleasing. Lay it all down and the judging will come. To people like you we’ll never be good enough,” Solid Christian themes and some of the most aggressive Southern metal out there.

Next, Showbread is definitely not your typical Christian band. Their lyrics are full of symbolism and can be challenging. Their latest album is a double disc entitled Anorexia Nervosa and is the soundtrack for an extended allegory about the futility of a life lived for either selfish pleasure or for good works for one’s own gain. Heavy stuff there. Here’s one of their older songs… last time I checked it was one of the most played songs on my iPod.

It’s going to be an awesome night. I offered to take some of the teenagers in the youth group with me, but they all decided it was a little too hard for them. Maybe I’m not that old after all.

Edit: At the show, I was also introduced to another band I like now, Attack Attack.